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Mario Kart 7.0

Mario Kart, like playing good old Mario Bros, but in a car!
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Mario Kart is an entertaining car racing game on which you will have to compete against the famous characters from Super Mario Bros and fight for the first place, this version though is a bit different, it's a side scroller which makes things a lot funnier, it's pretty much like playing the good old Mario Bros side scroll game, but in a car!

The music is quite familiar and cheerful (don't worry, you can also mute it if you don't like it that much), the graphics are very bright, clear, colorful and detailed, and if you can't see the images you can switch to full screen mode and enjoy the view.

One of the most addictive features of this game is that you have the option to upgrade your car. On every level you will get coins, and the more coins you have the more chances you'll get to upgrade to a better car, you can buy mushrooms to temporarily speed up, new tires for your vehicle, weapons to trick your opponents, feathers to fly up in the sky, nitro packs to go faster (but for a very short moment) and many, many more.

At first it's very difficult to play, as you'll face a lot of obstacles and each hit against them will reduce your speed considerably, but once you get used to jump on the right place on the right time, you'll see that this is quite a fun game to play with the family.

Jonathan Palencia
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  • Fun, easy and addictive
  • You can buy stuff and upgrade your car
  • Nice music, nice graphics


  • Slightly slower on some levels
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